Asylum The heresy network

What's Asylum?
An online community of heretics and heterodox thinkers.

What's a "reeder"?
College course reader meets wikipedia. Community-edited summary of a creator's oevre.

Why this? Why now?
Internet killed old media. Old media sucked because of censorship, but shined on curation. Now we have freer speech, but WAY too much of it. Reeder gives you the highlights.

How does saturation affect creators?
State their case once, get flushed down the feed. Keep repeating themselves, and fans get bored.

Can premium platforms cut the noise?
Hundreds of names matter to you. Can you shell out for 100+ substack and patreon subscriptions every month? Here, ten dollars a month unlocks everything. Ever reeder, every creator.

So, reeders will save us?
Find your favorites, and let us know.

How can I participate?
Suggest creator themes, append articles, link creators together, and vote on any of the above.

What can I get?
Edits are attributed. Get famous on here, drive traffic to your other stuff. If you have pedigree on a dead creator, you can apply for paid custodianship.

What about the living?
They get dibs on their own page. If they bless you (e.g., we can work something out.

How much?
Fans always subscribe *through* a given reeder. Its verified creator or custodian collects the fan's entire first year ($120). Financing available to get you paid out on day one. Pitching your own subscription sounds lovely until you factor in saturation and churn. Reeder means more.

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