Asylum The creators network

What's the point of this?
Some creators—theorists, artists, economists, playwrights, comedians, whatever—deliver work to their audience which borders on revelation. For this very special group of creators, their fans, followers and students need the real timeline.

What do you mean by "real timeline"?
Online video is endless. But a creator's body of work is finite. On Asylum, we ask "for this creator on this day, do we have public footage?" If so, post it here.

What makes a creator special?
Having at least one superfan.

What's a superfan?
Someone for whom that creator's work has been revelatory. Someone who can't go back after discovering their truth. Could take the form of prose (professor, theorist, journalist, etc), or art (musician, playwright, dancer, etc).

How do you deal with censorship?
We're not a publication, we're an archive. We display the creator's chronology, beginning to end.

Does Asylum cover edited works?
For now we're focused on live recordings, where the exact time of creation is known. Moving forward, we plan to insert edited works into the timeline by their time of publication.

How do you deal with offsite premium content?
We link to that stuff like anything else. Some creators charge for stuff, so you can support them by buying it.

I'm a creator. Can I shift my premium posts to Asylum?
Sure. To alleviate the burden on fans, we do a single price for the whole site instead of per-creator programs. To compensate you for this, we pay you a commission (or advance on billings) exceeding your take on legacy sites. Given their dismal rates of conversion and retention, you'll like our math better. Hit for more.

How can I help?
Go to any creator's page. For any given year, you'll see a link to suggest new content for that creator-year. Alongside any item, you can submit feedback to modify timestamp, move to different creator-year, or any freeform comment.

Beyond altruism, do you offer any rewards to community contributors?
Yes, you can accumulate asylumite, our Solana coin. Email for more info.

Why do creator pages link to the Asylum app, and why does it prompt me to subscribe?
The full content experience happens on Apple's platform for its integrated billing and reduced scraping. These features better enable creators to entrust their private posts to us, because they get bigger commissions for less risk of piracy. Also for holders of asylumite, the coin value increases as we take in more receipts. Creators create for commissions, the community collates for coins, and passive fans pay a small toll to enjoy the ride.

Ok, how can I get started?
Visit the homepage,, type in the name of your favorite thinker or artist, and press play!