Asylum Terms of Service

Only tag people who actually appear in the shot. Don't tag random people.
Don't grab screenshots to distribute content outside the app.
Only export content through approved channels enabled by the application software (which are many and varied).
Don't shoot people without their consent.
Do delete content upon request from your photographic subjects.
Do be a good citizen and not a malevolent actor towards your peers.
To contain harassment and fraud, confidentiality-bound staff may screen communications with artists for up to 7 days.
Asylum bots and/or staff may also assist artists in reaching out to and fielding inquiries from fans.
Asylum's content rules resemble those of Twitter. This means you may encounter some mature content. 
Such content should never appear in the general/public feed.
The Asylum content algorithm may automatically subscribe you to feeds deemed relevant to your interests. 
You can simply unfollow any feeds you dislike.
Asylum may terminate any artist or fan violating its content policies (presented in-app).
To fans: please do NOT harass the artists.
To artists: please do NOT defraud fans. If they inquire about your show, please be straight with them. 
Automated cashout is available at a given threshold. If you attempt to cashout below this threshold, 
a notice will popup. If you desire cashout below the current threshold, email us at
For further questions email us at